Baltimore Design School

Baltimore Design School is a combined middle and high school within Baltimore City Public Schools that focuses on Fashion Design, Architectural Design, and Graphic Design. It is one of a handful of public design schools in the country and the only one to incorporate middle school. It provides an innovative model in which design and creative problem-solving pervades and informs all aspects of a rigorous academic curriculum. BDS graduates will be primed to become designers and architects who see design as a way of living an ethical, productive, and rewarding life. 

A driving force in creating the Baltimore Design School was the desire to develop creativity and critical thinking skills for public school students. BDS cultivates students who see problems that need new solutions, who envision possibilities, and who imagine a better world. It believes that all students, with good instruction and practice, can learn that design is a process of defining a problem, exploring options, using judgment, articulating a solution, assembling resources, and growing from the experience.

By integrating design thinking into every aspect of the curriculum, BDS transforms students into skilled, creative, innovative young designers. Students receive quality instruction in the visual arts, design, and multimedia technology, along with rigorous academic classes into which art and design are integrated. BDS fosters a caring community that is dedicated to everyone’s success. 

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